Girls grow up with the world telling them who to be and how to look.
Songs to Start a Fire’s mission is to inspire young women to love themselves fiercely, express themselves passionately, and change the world by not changing themselves.

What is Songs to Start a Fire?

Songs to Start a Fire workshops combine elements of musical performance, consciousness-raising discussion and group exercises designed to ignite sparks of creativity and positivity in each participant. Or, as Rorie sums it up: “Songs, stories, and sass.”

Songs to Start a Fire workshops are safe spaces, meaning that participants are welcomed to share themselves freely without fear of judgment, and commit to treating one another with kindness and compassion. We sing, laugh, and share those parts of our lives we wish to let go of, as well as sharing positivity and encouragement with each other. The cathartic group experience reveals an important truth: that our vulnerabilities can become our strengths, and we can become our own knights in shining armor.

Workshops are available for small or large groups and for various timeframes. Rorie is also available for live musical performances–she shares her songs and the stories behind them, and invites the audience to come along for a journey that is more intense and personal than your typical concert.

To book Songs to Start a Fire at your performance space, on your college campus, or in your living room, contact:

Rorie Kelly
rorie at roriekelly dot com

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Twitter: @SongstoStart